20 Questions to Ask Your Non-Horsey Friends

Have you ever wanted to give your friends a fun quiz to see how much they understood when you’ve tried to explain your trip to the barn? 

Now you have one! Give it your best shot!

1.What side do you mount a horse from?



2. What do we line horses stalls with



3. What metric do we use to measure horses?

Hands/ HH.


4. The headgear used to “control” a horse while riding is called?



5. What are the three main horse gaits called

Walk, Trot, Canter.


6. True/False: An adult female horse is called a gelding?



7. What do you use to clean a horses hoof?



8. Which piece of equipment goes under the horses belly to secure the saddle?



9. How do you estimate a horses age?

By examining its teeth.

10. How many fingers should fit under the nose band?

Two Fingers.


11. What is riding equipment called?



12. What is a horse with little training called?


13. For how long is a young horse referred to as a foal?

Up to 1 year old.


14. What is the name of the person that shoes or trims your horses feet?



15. To which part of the horse do you measure?



16. What is the leading cause of death in horses of all ages?



17. T/F: Horses can throw up.



18. How many inches is equivalent to a hand?

4 inches.


19. A pony is a horse that is less than how many hands tall?



20. How many hours of sleep do horses need per day?

Between 2 and 3 hours

Are you Feeling Smarter?