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We’re bringing our mobile happy hour to the barns you love across the Front Range, with the professionals who support you and your horse, and organizing larger quarterly in-the-saddle events! From bringing seminars and webinars on the topics you care about, to featuring the facilities and properties from an equestrians perspective…. 
we’re committed to connecting our industry while spending more time in the saddle!

But more than that….we are working together to break down barriers between disciplines and connect our industry in ways that it hasn’t been in far too long. We’re passionate about preserving this way of life, and know that if we don’t start representing our industry at a greater level, our land will keep getting bought up, our water will keep getting reclaimed, our trails will have fewer and fewer horses….But we don’t want that, and we’re guessing you don’t either! We believe protecting our industry starts with protecting our properties from further development, and to do so we need to represent our industry as a whole, not as individual disciplines. Without our barns and farms, we won’t have an industry left to protect! 

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Horse properties are unique, we get it. We also know that means the horse property market can behave differently than your typical residential market. That’s why we’re here, to get up close and personal with the data for you, so you can spend more time riding!

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